precipitation of gold with ferrous sulfate

precipitation of gold with ferrous sulfate

  • Ferrous sulfate GoldRefiningWiki

    Ferrous sulfate copperas or green vitriol (FeSO 4. 7H 2 O) is used for precipitating of gold from acidic solutions and also in testing. It is a pale green crystal substance or liquid. Ferrous sulfate bought as copperas and used as plant supplement is often oxidized into brown or white ferric sulfate and useless for precipitating gold.

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  • will ferrous sulphate drop the gold??? Gold Refining

    butcher wroteCopperas or ferrous sulfate is a very good gold precipitant in fact many times I prefer Copperas for precipitating gold instead of using sodium metabisulfate. Hokes book also uses copperas to precipitate gold she even explains how to test for gold in solution using ferrous sulfate.

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  • Iron(II) sulfate Wikipedia

    Ferrous sulfate is sometimes added to the cooling water flowing through the brass tubes of turbine condensers to form a corrosionresistant protective coating. It is used in gold refining to precipitate metallic gold from auric chloride solutions (gold dissolved in solution with aqua regia).

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  • Aqua Regia Precipitating Pure Gold ishor

    Step 2 Precipitating pure gold (99.95+% pure) There are several different selective precipitants available. If used correctly all will precipitate gold that is at least 99.95% purity.

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  • Selective precipitation of gold from aqua regia leaving

    Selective precipitation of gold from aqua regia leaving PGM in solution. A. Ferrous sulfate won't drop either Pt or Pd along with the gold. About the only contaminate in the gold will be a little iron from the ferrous sulfate. If you have Pt or Pd it is common to first use ferrous sulfate.

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  • gold ore precipitate ferrous sulfide

    Gold Encyclopedia Theodora . The specific gravity of gold obtained by precipitation from solution by ferrous Gold is permanent in both dry and moist air at ordinary or high temperatures. .. the gold precipitated with ferrous sulphate charcoal sulphuretted hydrogen or

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